Heard it through the grape vine!

Croquembouche Peach
Hi Jemma
I just want to thank you for the tremendous work you put into the cake we ordered. It was indeed the party stealer. My friend Phil was so moved and happy.



Farm Themed Wedding Cake
WOW! I never had any doubt whatsoever that Jemma wouldn’t create us a spectacular wedding cake, but we were both blown away. Our guests were so impressed; they had never seen anything like it. The kids (and adults) loved the rice krispie apples & plums. We have immortalised the model figurines (that do actually look like us on our wedding day!) and hoping that they last forever! Not only did the cake look amazing, but it tasted amazing too. The whole of the big red velvet layer went on the night, then we devoured the top chocolate layer with the family the next day. We still have the middle vanilla layer saved for a special occasion and can’t wait to have that! Thank you Jemma, we are so pleased with the cake and can’t recommend you highly enough XX


Croquembouche Peach
Jemz Cake Box, The cake you made just meant that my wonderful day was that bit better for the one off bespoke 4 tier wedding cake you made, and there no cake left at the end of the night! Even the wedding staff loved the cake. I’m just trying to find a reason for another one of your cakes.


Suited Birthday Cake
Well what can I say about Rakeem’s cake beautiful in every way. He loved it thank you so much xx

Doreen Dixon

CAssorted Cupcakes from £1.90 each
Hi Jemma
I Just wanted to say thanks for the cakes – they were amazing! I will definitely order cakes from you again…thanks for squeezing me in!

Polly Smith

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