Novelty Cakes

Today almost anything can be made into a cake, mobile phones, handbags, shoes, cars etc…
You can have it as big or as small as you wish. The average novelty cake starts from around £150.

Enamel Snuff Box Novelty Cake

Liverpool Football Shirt From £145 - Novelty Cake

Weight lift Novelty cake feeds 60 plus from £165

Wray and Nephews Rumbox Novelty Cake

This is Your Life Novelty Cake

Olivetti Typewriter Novelty Cake

Guinness Can Novelty Cake from £90

Rappers Microphone Cake Novelty from £170

Laptop Novelty Cake

Boxing Gloves Cake

Novelty Coperate Book Cake

Novelty Shoe Cake

Canon SLR Camera Novelty Cake

3D Bass Guitar Cake

Novelty Drum Cake

Ship Cake starting from £165

Graduation Book Cake Starting from £195 feeds 50+

3D Typewriter Novelty Cake From £175

3D CD & Beats Headphones Cake Feeds 50+ Starting from £195

Something For Him From £90

Pandora And Shoe Cake From £185

Large 10" Minion Cake from £199 feeds 100+

TR6 Car Novelty Cake from £165

Prom Dress Celebration Cake from £175, feeds 60+

Captain America Novelty Cakes from £140

Large Floral Gift Bag Novelty Cake from £195

Large Football Shirt Novelty Cake £130 feeds 50+ Available in a variety of flavours

3D Olaf Free Standing Novelty Cake from £175 (feeds 60+)

5 Big

Mac Make-Up Bag Novelty Cake from £160 (feeds 25+)

Bible and Cuppa Novelty Cake

Snap-On Mechanic Novelty Tool Box Cake from £135

Biker Helmet Novelty Cake from £195, feeds 70+

Fiat 500 Novelty Cake from £155

3D Despicable Me Free Standing Minion Novelty Cake £180

60th large numeral novelty cake, feeds 80+

Baby Boy Christening Novelty Cake from £195