Cakes in a Jar

If you love Jemz Cakes and the idea of trying something new, then the cake-in-the-jar is something you will love and adore. Beautifully packaged and personalised in an airtight Mason jar, theses quaint cake jars come packed with loads of love as well as flavour makes the perfect gift as wedding or baby shower favours.

Red velvet Deluxe
A moist red velvet sponges layered with the most delicious combination of cream cheese frosting, crushed red velvet biscuits with a hint of fresh strawberries. The strawberries help to bring out the ever so slight chocolate taste of this sponge, setting off a orgasmic burst of flavour with every spoonful

Chocolate, Cookies & Cream
Rich chocolate sponge cohabitating with a fusion of chocolate coconut cookies, chocolate sponge and cream frosting. This spin on the American cookies and cream classic will leave you singing its praises.

Strawberry/Raspberry Buttercup

You can’t beat a classic, and what better than the classic British Victoria Sandwich Cake, Jemz style. An airy vanilla sponge layered with jam, vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries.

Cakes In A Jar Banana Choc Chip With Caramel

Rainbow Themed Cake In a Jar

Red Velvet Cake In A Jar

Chocolate Cookies And Cream

Cakes In A Jar Flavours

Strawberry Raspberry Cake In A Jar